Qualifying criteria MM2H

Qualifying criteria MM2H

Postby asifmooxani » Thu May 09, 2013 8:05 am

Qualifying criteria

1. Income of RM 10,000-00 per month.

2. Liquid Assets of RM 350,000-00 (if 50 years OR older) OR RM 500,000 (if below 50 years of age).

3. Intention to make a fixed deposit in a Malaysian bank of RM 150,000 (if 50 years OR older) OR RM 300,000 (if below 50 years of age).


• 10-year Visit Pass and Multiple-Entry Visa, which is renewable every ten years and it means eventually it will give you a lifetime easy access to the country.

• Tax free Importing OR purchasing of a new car plus other tax incentives.

• Other tax benefits include, no tax on any income derive outside of the country.

• There is no inheritance tax and no capital gains tax on assets other than property. There is also no VAT, but there is a Government Sales Tax (GST) of five percent on hotel and restaurant bills and on professional bills such as lawyers' fees.

• Benefit of owning business and investing in Malaysia.

• Affordable luxury lifestyle at a comparatively low cost.

• Above all, you will retain your citizenship and all its privileges in your own country.

• No restriction of number of days to stay in Malaysia and you can travel back and forth, as much as you want.

• Medical insurance policy is affordable.

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Re: Qualifying criteria MM2H

Postby Ilya » Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:59 pm

Good to know the current requirements.

What about requirements that involve buying a house under MM2H?
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