Free advertising on Wonderful Malaysia

In certain cases Wonderful Malaysia offers free advertising.

Note: We do not offer free advertising to commercial businesses anymore.

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Some examples of free advertising

  • Do good organisations: Does your organisation do anything good for Malaysia, travel in general, for animal rights or animals etc? We will promote your organisation free of charge.
  • Press Releases: Interesting Press Releases are published free of charge (only non-commercial).
  • Forums: Introduce your business (offers) for free in our public forums (see below).


You can promote your travel related business for free within the section 'Deals & Promotions' of our forums. Besides that you can promote your B&B free of charge in our forums within the section "B&B's, hostels & small resorts". You can also promote your holiday home free of charge in our forums within the section "Holiday Homes". Restaurant or bar owners can promote their restaurant free of charge in our forums within the section "Restaurants, Dining & Bars".

Besides that registered members can also promote their business in their profile 'signature'. Helping others out in the forums of course will make you more 'visible' which in turn brings extra attention to your business.


They already advertised for free

Organisations that have advertised for free on Wonderful Malaysia:

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