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Help us expand! Write articles for Wonderful Malaysia

Fancy writing nice articles for Wonderful Malaysia? Please contact the editorial staff of Wonderful Malaysia. Let us know what you are planning to write about and where you live in Malaysia. The subject may fall within the following categories:

  • NEWS - Travel related news.
  • TIPS - Travel tips related to Malaysia.
  • ATTRACTIONS - Attractions within Malaysia.
  • FOOD - Food/Restaurant reviews.
  • FAQ - Faq items like 'how to travel from a to b' etc.
  • HOTEL & GUESTHOUSE REVIEWS - Of hotels or guesthouses you recently stayed at.


  • Articles need to have at least 200 words (or less if supplemented with relevant images; i.e. food review).
  • Articles need to have subjects related to travel, culture, food or outdoor adventure within Malaysia.
  • Articles are to be delivered in Microsoft Word.
  • Once payment has been made these articles belong to Wonderful Malaysia.
  • If applicable; please let us see some previous work you have already done.
  • Each article is unique (original work) and has not been published before (online or offline). We will check if the article passes Copyscape. It is ok to be 'inspired' by existing content.
  • Articles can only be published at Wonderful Malaysia.
  • No more than 1 article per week will be accepted. You may deliver more, but we will only accept one article per week so we will queue the item. Please do not start writing without our confirmation.
  • In case we already have sufficient content about a subject, we will let you know this as we don't need duplicate content.
  • In case you would like to write about your restaurant experiences, we would very much like it to be able to publish at least 1 picture.
  • Writer either lives in Malaysia, is originally from Malaysia or used to live in Malaysia!
  • We will publish the articles for our visitors, not for the search engines (we do not need 'optimized articles').


  • Payment is done through bank transfer, Paypal, Odesk or cash.
  • We pay RM25 per 400 words (so 25 times the amount of words devided by 400), but are open to negotiate.

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