Endau-Rompin National Park

Endau-Romping is a beautiful national park in the southeastern part of Peninsular Malaysia. Together with Taman Negara and Royal Belum State Park it contains some of the oldest rainforests in the world. The name comes from the two rivers that run through the park; the Endau River and the Rompin River. People that visit the national park do so to visit the many wonderful waterfalls, or to visit the Orang Asli tribes. The park is not easily accessible (by normal vehicles) which makes it an attraction especially popular among adventure seekers. Many travel agencies offer package tours to Endau-Rompin; this often includes transport, accommodation, meals and guided jungle trails. Entry to the park requires a special permit (RM10) from the Johor National Park Corporation.

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What to see at the park

Just like Taman Negara there are many wildlife species that live in the park, chances on spotting them are slim as they have ample space to roam around within the park boundaries. The national park is known for having the largest remaining population of the highly endangered Sumatran rhinoceros. Other animals that live in the national park are the white-handed gibbon, Malaysian tiger, Asian elephant, wild boar, tapir, slow loris, deer, long-tail macaques and leopards. Among the many bird species that live in the park are the hornbills and kingfishers. As most of the animals know how to evade visitors it is more common to spot insects, spiders and the occasional snake.

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Three ways to enter the national park

The national park has three main entry points, two located within the state of Johor and one within the state of Pahang. The two entry points in Johor are mostly used by visitors. At the eastern side of the park you have the Peta entrance, nearby Mersing so good to combine with a visit to Tioman Island of one of the surrounding tropical islands. This park entrance is most used by visitors. Travelers that come from Kuala Lumpur also enter the park at the Peta entrance. The Selai entrance, southwest of the national park, is the least accessible entrance. At this side of the national park you will find a huge amount of beautiful waterfalls. In this area most of the remaining tigers and elephants live. Do know that the last part of the trip to the park is over inaccessible roads; you need a 4x4 to travel to any of the three park entrances which you can arrange beforehand via the Park HQ.

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There are many activities and attractions at Endau-Rompin National Park to keep you busy for at least 3 or 4 days. Among the most popular attractions are; jungle trails, a visit to the Orang Asli (Jakun tribe) village, rubber tube rafting, night safari (walk or by 4x4), numerous fantastic waterfalls, a few beautiful lakes and river cruises.

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You can stay at the chalets (RM100/RM150) or dormitory at Endau-Rompin Park Headquarters. As there is no aircon, it is advisable to bring along mosquito netting. Also make sure to bring along enough mosquito repellant. There are also a few campsites in the area; you can rent a tent at Park HQ (Peta) for RM40 per night.


Best time to visit Endau-Rompin

The national park can be visited from April to October and is closed during the monsoon season (November to March). This is the same monsoon that renders islands like Perhentian, Redang and Tioman (relatively nearby Endau-Rompin) nearly inaccessible.


Checklist trip to Endau-Rompin National Park

  • First aid travel kit with personal medicine
  • Tripod for your camera (to make pictures in low light conditions)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Rain coat, poncho and/or umbrella
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Dry clothes in an aqua bag
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Special socks against leeches

How to get to Endau-Rompin National Park

The best way to get to Endau-Rompin National Park is by rental car though you will not be able to use the car within the park (unless it is a 4WD). If you come from either Kuala Lumpur (5hrs) or Johor Bahru (3hrs) you should follow the main North-South Expressway until you reach Exit 244 (Air Hitam Interchange). From there you follow the signs via Kluang to Kahang. From there you can follow the signs to the Park HQ (Peta). If you are on a package tour Kahang is the place to drop your car and to get on the 4WD for the drive to Kampung Peta. At the Park HQ you can also arrange 4WD transport to the national park (accommodation at Kampung Peta); but make sure you arrange this beforehand

Contact details Endau-Rompin

  • Johor Parks HQ : 07-223 7471
  • Peta Entrance : 07-788 2812
  • Selai Entrance : 07-922 2875

Map of Endau-Rompin National Park

Below you can see a map of Endau-Rompin National Park. You can simply scroll through the map with your mouse. Use the markers on the left to zoom in or out of the map.