Kuah Town on Langkawi Island

The town of Kuah lies in the southeast of the main island and is the capital of Langkawi Island in the northwestern part of Malaysia. The town has about 13.000 inhabitants and it usually looks quiet with a relaxed atmosphere, just like the rest of the archipelago of Langkawi. Georgetown, the capital of the nearby island of Penang is a bustling town compared to Kuah Town. Langkawi is an island that nearly every tourist will visit when one is visiting Malaysia. A visit to the town of Kuah is recommended as it is the only place to do some real shopping on the island.

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Duty-free status

Since the introduction of the tax-free status, the town has gone through a transformation and has grown into a small city. Before 1987, Kuah was the only place where you could find accommodation for the night. The centre of Kuah has some old-fashioned shops. In most stores you can purchase liquor and tobacco (tax-free). On the outskirts of the town you will find one of the few places in Langkawi where you can do real 'Western' shopping; there you can find the Langkawi Fair. In Kuah you also have several internet cafes. If your resort has no internet, then Kuah is pretty much the only place where this is possible.

Jetty Point shops

If you get tired of the food of your resort or hotel on Langkawi, you might want to consider having dinner at a one of the hawkers along the streets in Kuah. Between Langkawi Fair and the Jetty Point there is a pretty decent food court. Jetty Point is the place where all boats to the mainland, to Penang and to Thailand (Koh Lipe) depart and arrive. Right in front of the building you can find numerous small shops that sell tickets to many destinations. Here you will also find many small offices that sell tours around the island. The Jetty Point Complex has some nice shops; including a Starbucks with wifi.

Lagenda Park Langkawi map

Should you decide to visit the beautiful island of Langkawi; I would personally not stay in or directly around Kuah. The town is nice, but only for a daytrip or short visit. Langkawi has numerous wonderful resorts all throughout the island. Another thing is that Kuah doesn't have a real beach, so sunbathers can only enjoy the sun at the swimming pool. Some nice attractions in Kuah are: Eagle Square and Lagenda Park. As Langkawi is a small island, many other great attractions are also easy to visit.


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Map of Kuah

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