Nipah Guesthouse

Nipah Guesthouse is a popular place to stay at Pangkor Island. The guesthouse is located in the village of Nipah, one of the more popular touristic villages on the island. Nipah Guesthouse started as a pretty basic guesthouse, but it has grown to one of the most popular (and best rated) accommodation on the island. Their latest addition is a nice swimming pool, where you can cool off a bit after a day exploring the island.

The guesthouse exists of two rows of rooms, and a couple of chalets (A-shape). Sometimes you will see Hornbills fly by, which are present in great numbers on the island. The owners Anuar and his wife Alicia turned the guesthouse into a truly beautiful place. The atmosphere is very pleasant and they will do everything to make sure you have a great time during your stay on the island.

The rooms are pretty basic, but will do just fine. All rooms come with air-conditioning. At the entrance you have a covered communal area in the outdoors. Here you can enjoy a pretty basic breakfast in the morning. At Pangkor there are not many places you can go to for a decent breakfast, so the breakfast of the guest house will have to do.

Anuar is able to rent a moped for you, so you can explore the island (remember to always wear a helmet). A little way down the road you have a couple more resorts where you can rent motorbikes. Daily rental prices are RM40. Anuar and Acilia can tell you everything you want to know about the island. If you haven’t read up upon it before you went, they can give you some excellent advise on what to do around the island.

If you are looking for an affordable guesthouse, Nipah Guesthouse is the best place to stay at. If you are looking for something more luxurious, you are better off at the more upscale Pangkor Island Beach Resort. One of the most luxurious resorts of Malaysia is located on a small private island close to Pangkor; the Pangkor Laut Resort is the ultimate resort for honeymooners or travelers who want to spent a couple of days in absolute class.

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