G Hotel Penang

G Hotel Penang is seen as one of the best hotels at the Penang Island. We stayed here during the opening season, and had a very positive experience. The hotel shines because of its modern decoration, the relaxed mood, and the beautiful, big rooms and also the stunning pool. A nice side note is that the hotel is located right next to the popular shopping mall Plaza Gurney and it also lies within a few minutes’ walk of Gurney Paragon, another popular mall in Georgetown. Between the mall and the G Hotel you’ll find a Food street, with a diverse range of small restaurants and coffee houses (including Starbucks and Coffee Bean). Within walking distance you will find a large hawker, where you will be able to eat delicious local meals for little money.

The G Hotel lies at Gurney Drive, which is a popular street at the edge of Georgetown, the capital city of Penang Island. This street is also situated along the strait that divides Penang and the mainland. The sea isn’t very spectacular (especially during low tide), but in general the views are excellent as you can see into the mainland. Across Gurney Drive you will find several hotels, plenty of nightlife, numerous diners and a couple of shopping centers. At the entrance of the hotel you have a taxi stand, from where you can take a taxi to the many sightings across the island. If you’d like a cheaper way of traveling you will have to walk to the main road (5 minutes’ walk) from where you can take the RapidPG bus.

The rooms in the G Hotel are simply magnificent. Even though we only had a standard room, it was already perfect. The room was decorated in style, it came with a large bed and a big television. You also have free internet; which is handy for hotel guests who bring their laptop, tablet or smartphone. The lobby was beautiful and there was a nice atmosphere all around. In the evening the lobby became a cozy cocktail bar; where they can make almost every cocktail you order.

The breakfast was very good as well, with plenty of choices in bread and spreads or toppings from which you could make the ultimate Western breakfast. Something we have noticed in Malaysia, is that a lot of hotels do not pay much attention into offering a good Western breakfast. Usually you get offered an English breakfast, but this is completely different from what the average traveler wants for breakfast. At the G Hotel all of this was taken care of, and the coffee wasn’t bad either.

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