First time in Malaysia? Here’s what you need to know

Every first time traveler to any place in the world should get familiar with some rules and tips to avoid problems, easily move around the towns and have the best time possible. The same applies to visitors to Malaysia who are choosing it as their destination for the first time. Here are some tips and things you need to know before traveling to Malaysia.

Do you need a visa?

Although Malaysia is not strict with its visitors’ policy, still there are some countries, in which citizens are required to have a valid visa. The residents of the majority of countries around the world are allowed to enter Malaysia for 90 days without any visa, some can stay on its territory for 30 days visa-free, while others need such a document. Before you start planning your journey, check which list your home country is on and in case you need a visa, make sure to submit all documents on time.

The tropical climate of Malaysia

Every visitor needs to remember that Malaysia is a country with a tropical climate. This means that the temperature generally does not drop below 27 degrees Celsius, and the humidity stays at a very high level. In other words, the real temperature differs from what you might expect, as you will probably experience much more warmth than the thermometer suggests. Every visitor also needs to be aware that a tropical climate involves rainfalls. It’s good to pack a rain jacket or any item of clothing that is waterproof.

When it comes to the best time to visit Malaysia, it highly depends on your itinerary. If you prefer to travel around West Malaysia, visitors recommend planning a journey anytime between November and August. However, if the East is the destination for you, the better time to visit the country would be from March to September.

Get vaccinated

Depending on your home country, health history and the exact place of destination in Malaysia, you might need to get some shots. Travel vaccination is the best way to protect yourself on your journey, so contact a medical center of your choice and ask if you need any. In some cases, you might even get malaria pills prescribed, if you plan on visiting certain areas of the country.

Besides typical travel vaccinations you might want to consider COVID-19 vaccination, although you could also opt for the standard RT-PCR Test but this means you have to go through some hassle upon arrival.

Wi-Fi is widely available, a local sim card is easy to get

Almost every public space, from hotels to cafés, offers access to the Internet connection. Whether you need to write an email, check your journey plan or a GPS signal, you can do it by joining the widely available Net. Remember to secure your device with antivirus software or a VPN service, especially if you plan on shopping online or playing on betting sites in Malaysia. In the last case, it’s recommended to be exceptionally careful, as sports betting as such is illegal in this country. Be sure to use only secure and trusted websites, like In case of any doubts, carefully read all the explanations and rules available on the platform. You don’t have to worry about buying a SIM card to be connected to the Net, although this is the preferred route if you want to be online 24/7 in Malaysia.

Avoid tap water

If you don’t want to get sick, avoid drinking tap water when in Malaysia. It’s not safe and needs to be filtered before it’s suitable for consumption. Bottled water is available in every store and almost on every corner in towns, but you can also take your own bottle with the right filter inside.

Stick to the dress code

When you are visiting Malaysia you might want to stop by some religious complexes and temples. Remember to dress appropriately. Depending on the dominant religion in a given place, you might be asked to have your knees and shoulders covered, to take off your shoes, or cover your hair if you are a woman. As you are a tourist, it’s required for you to obey the rules and be respectful.

Driving in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there is left-hand side traffic, which might cause some trouble for the majority of tourists who want to rent a car. Before you sit behind a steering wheel, get familiar with driving rules in Malaysia to avoid any accidents. It’s recommended to use public transportation if possible, as it’s widely available.

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