Malaysian highlights for homesick Australians

Many visitors to Malaysia come to the country to check out the idiosyncratic delights of the Batu Caves temple or even the fascinating Islamic Arts Museum. However, for Australian visitors who are looking for a few attractions that could be considered a little less ‘exotic’, then Malaysia is such a diverse nation that there’s something for everyone.

So whether you’re looking to find the perfect beach for a barbecue, or want to find Australian surfing fashion brands such as Billabong, or just want to party with online gaming brands like Lucky Nugget Casino, here’s some of the very best Aussie-style treats that you can find in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur

Although the sprawling city of Kuala Lumpur might offer a shock to the senses on first impressions, closer inspection reveals it to be have a bewitching blend of cultures and cuisines. Australian shopping aficionados will be delighted to spend an afternoon wandering the massive Suria KLCC shopping centre that is just one of 66 shopping malls in the city alone, and offers the perfect place to pick up a pair of Speedos for the next time you hit the beach.

The nightlife options in Malaysia should also satisfy even the most conservative of tastes. The tropical climate means that rooftop bars are highly popular with the likes of Sky Bar and Luna Bar offering a glamorous take on contemporary nightlife. But as Malaysia is an Islamic nation, it doesn’t have a massive range of home-brews. However, you might get lucky and be able to track down a Castlemaine XXXX (a brand of Australian beer for non-Australians :)) in one of the many ex-pat bars downtown – perfect for those hot Malaysian nights.


And those fans of Sydney’s legendary Crown Casino might find the Resort World Genting casino is well-suited to their table gaming tastes. Should you wish to continue your casino games from the convenience of your hotel room, then its Australian counterpart Lucky Nugget Casino is on-hand to help you enjoy the full pack of top gambling news and a massive range of slots, poker and roulette games.

Every Australian loves a trip to the beach, and whilst Malaysia’s top beaches might not be as famous as Bondi Beach, they are no less beautiful, and often a lot less crowded! And finally, although the recent Australian Open proved to be highly dramatic, all Aussie sporting fans would appreciate the spectacle of attending a bout of silat melayu martial arts.

So whether you’re looking for your next fashion fix, want to chill and relax at one of many pristine beaches, or want to find a way to access the delights of Kuala Lumpur’s Sky Bar, Malaysia should have all you need for a fantastic excursion.

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