Dealing with the Boredom of Flight Delays and Stopovers


Many people believe that being at the airport before you catch your flight to go on holiday is all part and parcel of the whole experience, and to some extent this is true. It can be very exciting when you first arrive at the departure lounge and see everyone waiting eagerly for the flight to be called. However, while the airport can be a fun part of your trip it can also get very boring after a period of time.

A lot of people find themselves spending far longer than they expected at the airport because of unexpected delays with the flight. You might also find yourself spending lengthy periods of time at the airport because of your flight stopping over as part of the trip. Either way, it can really pay to ensure you have something available to keep you entertained in these situations.

Things that will keep you entertained day or night

You could find yourself stuck at the airport for a considerable length of time in the day or at night depending on the circumstances surrounding the delay or the stopover. If this is the case, having the right items with you will ensure that boredom doesn’t set in and that you can still have some fun even if the Duty Free shops are not yet open.

If you have a tablet or smartphone with you the possibilities for entertainment are endless. You can catch up on the latest news without the need to actually buy a paper as you can use sites such as BBC News. You can also listen to some music and enjoy the vibe, and you can keep abreast of your favourite shows by using streaming apps and software. If you enjoy gaming you could even head to Coral and indulge in a little poker. With Coral’s new poker app you can look forward to the excitement of this game at the airport without even having to download any software so you are ready to get started right away.

Another thing worth taking along is an eBook reader, as this makes it easy and simple to take a variety of reading material with you without having to physically take a whole load of heavy books. You can simply sit back in the airport and immerse yourself in your favourite book in order to help the time pass a little quicker.

Of course, if you are stuck at the airport during the day when everything is still open, you can also take the opportunity to bag a few bargains at the variety of shops or enjoy a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants that major airports tend to have.

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