A country of skyscrapers, beaches, and tropical forests

Having visited Malaysia at least once, you will be convinced that it is not for nothing that this country is among the ten most visited countries in the world! Somewhere in Southeast Asia, between Thailand and Australia, on numerous islands, a wonderful tropical country—Malaysia—is spread out, waiting to be explored by adventurous tourists. At first glance, it is difficult to determine where the map begins and ends.

The countries of Malaysia and Indonesia have intermingled, forming one of the most beautiful and popular places for recreation and life on the planet. More than half of the territory is covered with forests and low mountains, in which about 20% of all existing species of animals live. Scientists around the world note the uniqueness of the flora and fauna of this region, striving to protect natural wealth from human influence.

Malaysia’s natural beauty, cultural diversity, mind boggling food options and tropical vibe make it a compelling destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re exploring jungles at Taman Negara, crystal clear water at islands like Perhentian, stunning landscapes of Borneo or trying your luck at the gaming tables of Genting Highlands (see casino Kenya for online options), Malaysia offers a blend of excitement, relaxation, entertainment and adventure. 2023 is the year to Visit Malaysia!

Kuala Lumpur offers all kinds of fun

Kuala Lumpur is the country’s capital city and offers a plethora of activities and sights. Some stay for a day or two only, others can easily spend weeks or even months in this vibrant city. Accommodation will cost a traveler around $15 for a cheap room for two in a hostel and about $100 for a room in a modern 5 star luxury hotel in the city center. Don’t forget to experience the number one attraction of the city which is food. Everywhere you find hawkers, food courts and restaurants ranging from dirt cheap to exclusive and expensive. In between there are an incredible amount of options to chose from.

After a detailed study of the capital, absorbed by the magical combination of Western and Eastern cultures, super-modern architecture, you go in search of warmth and sun on the coast.

Stunning Islands

The first of the islands, to which we strongly recommend going, is called Langkawi and is located in the north of the country, not far from the border with Thailand, which opens up additional opportunities to look at the territory of the neighboring state on a day free from rest (Koh Lipe for example can be easily reached and has crystal clear water and sandy white beaches). This island is perfect for lovers of a leisurely beach vacation in the company of nature and local traditions. Here you can enjoy real local cuisine, walk in the company of buffaloes and monkeys or visit one of many popular night markets. If you get tired of lying on the beach or swimming, the island has dozens of caves, rocks, waterfalls, and other opportunities to have a good time.

For lovers of wild recreation far from people and civilization, we recommend Pangkor Island in the west of the country, washed by the waters of the Malacca Strait. There are very few tourists here, and if you don’t want to, no one will disturb you for many days. The island has everything necessary for life: food, drinks, hot water, and even several entertainment facilities for local residents and infrequent tourists.

The next island we will talk about is Tioman. It has a good reputation among scuba divers all over the world and is one of the ten cleanest islands in the world. Not all villages on this island have electricity, and only one paved road connects the main settlement with some of the smaller kampungs. On the island, it is always summer: sun, white sand, and the wind slowly swaying the sleepy palm trees. Those who have visited here call these places heaven on earth. If you want to spend your vacation on a semi-wild island in the company of divers, yoga lovers, and backpackers, then Tioman is definitely for you.

Cameron Highlands

Not far from the border with Thailand, in the north of Malaysia, you can find Cameron Highlands. This is one of the few inhabited mountain regions, together with the similar popular Genting Highlands with it’s theme parks, outlet malls and casinos. The development of tourism prompted the creation of modern infrastructure; therefore, despite the fact that there is no beach here and the sun is not always at its zenith, the number of tourists only increases every year. The main activity in this mountainous region is visiting the truly stunning tea plantations and jungle or hill trekking. There are a lot of hiking routes, so everyone will find the one that suits them best in terms of complexity and interest.

Travel around Malaysia

The best way to travel around Malaysia is by bus, train or rental car. The railway here runs only between the border with Singapore and Thailand, and to penetrate inland, to the coasts and jungles, you will have to use the services of bus carriers. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of islands and the potential difficulties of getting there. Ferries or small private boat operators (usually from local resorts) run between the mainland and the islands, the cost of which will vary around $10–15 and is sometimes included in your island stay.

A rental car is the number one option if you want flexibility during your trip. It is always possible to use a different drop off which allows for great travel itineraries. Especially on the main peninsula a rental car is the best way to discover the country.

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