Alternatives to GamStop if You Travel To Malaysia

As the number of online gambling operators rises, the necessity for self-exclusion programs similar to GamStop grows. Irrespective of the growing craze of online gambling, there is always a certain amount of dogma attached to the concept where excessive enthusiasm can lead a player astray and eventually into a major loss.

With the countless attractions in Malaysia, casinos are still popular among a wide number of people. This mindset is rooted in people all over the globe which led several governments to completely declare gambling as illegal. In countries like Malaysia, the rules of gambling are strictly imposed but not hindering the growth of the iGaming industry there.

Online Gambling Scenario in Malaysia

The lines between legality and illegality in the case of online gambling in Malaysia are blurry. Although online gambling is prohibited in Malaysia, punters can choose to take part in online gambling as well as online betting through offshore gambling sites accepting Malaysian currency as a valid method of payment. In order to escape the government, it is suggested to use e-wallets to process payments. The safest places to put their bets would be at the operators licensed under the European Union.

The Hype about GamStop

Developed by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) in the year 2018, GamStop is regarded as one of the most successful self-exclusion schemes to date available for UK citizens to prevent falling prey to gambling addiction. As a lesser-known, RGA, that is Remote Gambling Association is the largest gambling trade association in the world and their innovators made it successful for all the gambling operators registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to comply with the GamStop policies as a part of the law that bind these operators to work in association with GamStop.

But it needs to be mentioned that some punters decide to join CasinoGap sites not registered with GamStop to avoid some restrictions. Also, GamStop is limited to the UK punters and hence, Malay gamblers can not benefit from it. Although there are plenty of equally efficient choices one can go for when in need of a self-exclusion program. This article revolves around these alternatives that can help punters to make the most out of their gambling experience.

Alternatives of GamStop for Malaysian Players

You should not worry about your safety because there are a lot of alternatives to avoid gambling and casino activities available in Malaysia.


In the entire industry of online gambling, Gamblock is regarded as one of the most effective solutions for self-exclusion. In comparison with GamStop, unlike the former, it is not restricted within the boundaries of the UK. Gamblock has been under operation since the year 2000 and gamblers who are fixated on overcoming gambling addiction can genuinely benefit from it. The design of this app is made in such a way it detects and blocks all gambling-related websites once installed and registered. Moreover, the app cannot be uninstalled before the self-exclusion period is over. Gamblock is compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows devices. The subscription of Gamblock comes with a yearly fee and no free trial can be claimed. The subscription fee varies according to the operating system, the number of devices linked, and the duration of self-exclusion.


Apart from Gamblock, Gamban can be a suitable alternative for GamStop. The self-exclusion app is powered by Gambleaware which is an independently operating non-profit organization. Being in operation since 2015, Gamban has proved itself effective as a rightful preventative measure for unwanted access into online casinos.

The Gamban app is compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple devices. Apart from providing hindrance in accessing online casinos, Gamban provides counselling services to the registered users. These services are available 24×7 along with several others depending upon situational needs. It started out as a free service but as it gained popularity a minimal yearly subscription fee was imposed.


Netnanny is among the most primitive blocking services available on the Internet. It has been there since the time Internet services started getting widespread. Operating since 1993 Netnanny was launched with the motive of keeping adult content out of the reach of children. Later on, it was popularised when the competence of this service was released in the field of online gambling.

In contrast with GamStop organization, the services offered by Netnanny are quite detailed as they are always on to provide notification, location tracking, expenditure filter, screen time alert, and various other filters. In addition to that, Netnanny is also helpful in checking the advertisement notifications, spam emails, etc. This application is equally efficient in IOS, Android, and Windows devices. The services can be availed in lieu of a negligible subscription fee.

Concluding Thoughts

In spite of all the restrictions involved, nobody can deny the popularity of online gambling, especially in the current day scenario. The Malay players can benefit to a great extent using the above-mentioned services in overcoming the addictive tendencies related to gambling.

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