Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2011

The 2011 Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (MMSC) is back with great bargains and discounts in almost all shops throughout the country. This year the MMSC started on June 15, 2011, and lasts until the 31st of August 2011.

Malaysia’s biggest sale carnival brings a whole range of bargains on various merchandise from home grown products, exclusive designer goods, fashion-wear, the latest gadgets and tempting dining experiences to fabulous holiday packages. Making your shopping experience even more worthwhile is the fact that many of the retail goods are tax exempted or duty free. From glitzy high- end malls to bustling street markets, you will be spoilt for choice with the endless spread of goods with attractive price tags.

During the Mega Sale you will experience discounts up to 90% on all kinds of goods. We usually stock up on household items, bedroom linnen and clothing. The discounts can be found in any mall, in every store within the country. However, the department stores usually offer the best discounts. We sometimes find it difficult to see the difference between the regular prices and the discounted prices at luxury stores, 50% of a watch is nice but only if this is taken off the regular price (you never know how much the same item costs outside of the sale period). On many goods you also get a discount even during non-sales season.

Check out the full Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival program (.pdf).

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