PETRONAS Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur

This amazing building of 452 meters of height (88 floors and 32.000 windows) is one of the tallest in the world. The building is based on the five pillars of the Islam, which can be seen in the round shapes of the towers. The building is designed by Cesar Pelli, a famous architect. In 2004 the building won the Aga Khan price for its special architectonic building style.

Petronas Twin Towers from KLCC Park

The whole complex is over 40 hectares big, in its days it was one of the biggest building projects ever. On Discovery Channel every now and then an episode about the construction of the PETRONAS Twin Towers in broadcasted. In this program the whole project is explained in hour. On the Malaysian television this episode is broadcasted by Discovery regularly.

Petronas Twin Towers panoramic views

The PETRONAS Towers have become the figurehead of Malaysia. Even locals from small villages in Borneo, who mostly have never even been in the capital; all know the PETRONAS Towers from commercials on the television.

Within the towers you’ll find the most diverse companies. The largest part of the building is used by PETRONAS, the national oil company of Malaysia. The build has 88 floors, visitors can go up to the 42st floor, at 175 meters height, where a walking bridge of nearly 60 meters length connects the two towers. The bridge is not connected to either of the towers though. This makes sense, because both towers move independent of each other, the bridge just ‘hangs’ between them.

Visiting the Sky Bridge and Observation Deck

The Sky Bridge attraction at the PETRONAS Twin Towers was enhanced in the last quarter of 2011. Operations resumed on the 1st of December 2011. Tickets can be obtained daily (except for Mondays when the attraction is closed to public) between 8.30am and 6pm.

Petronas Twin Towers ticket counter

Ticket prices for adults are RM80 per ticket. Children pay RM30. Tickets are limited and issued on a first come, first serve basis. Daily some 800 tickets are being sold. The ticket gives you access to both the Sky Bridge and the observation deck at the 86th floor. Tickets are time slotted. You are allowed to select your preferred date and time in advance subject to the availability of the tickets. You may buy the tickets a year in advance. Sky Bridge tickets for RM10 are not available anymore.

There usually is an early queue with people that want to visit the attraction somewhere during that day. I you are planning to head over there to visit the towers on the same day, better queue early (well before 8.30am). If you plan to visit the ticket counter to buy tickets in advance, just go there somewhere during the day (but avoid the early mornings because of the big queue).

Petronas Twin Towers observation deck 3

The attraction is opened daily between 9am and 9m (closed on Mondays and closed for Friday prayer between 1pm and 2.30pm). On the ticket it will say at what time you are expected at the entrance. Pick a clear day for your visit, so you will have a better view of the whole city.

Before you go up the towers, you will first be seated in a small movie theatre to watch a short film about the company PETRONAS. We found this a bit too much, as it was mainly a 10 minute commercial.

Petronas Twin Towers film

After the movie you may enter the fast elevator that brings you to the 86th floor.

Petronas Twin Towers elevator

Here you can enjoy the wonderful views for about 20 minutes, before heading down towards the Sky Bridge for another 20 minutes.

Petronas Twin Towers observation deck 1

Petronas Twin Towers observation deck 2

Petronas Twin Towers observation deck 4

Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge 1

Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge 2

Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge 3

Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge 4

Location ticket counter

When arriving from Suria KLCC, you’ll reach the ticket counter by walking to the exit where there is a RHB bank on the left hand side, and a Bumiputra Commerce Bank on the right hand side. You’ll instantly see the counter for the tickets once you have taken the escalator to the level below.

Petronas Twin Towers to ticket counter

Opposite the ticket counter you will find the PETRONAS Twin Towers gift shop.

Petronas Twin Towers gift shop

Nearby attractions

On the bottom floor of the huge complex there is a shopping centre (Suria KLCC) and outside you will find the large KLCC Park which is actually quite nice to chill a bit together with the locals. Within KLCC there is amongst others a huge cinema and aquarium. The towers were once used as film set for the film ‘Entrapment’ with Catherina Zeta Jones and Sean Connery. During this film the biggest stunts were done inside and outside of the building. Although the film wasn’t all that good in itself (it was certainly not bad either), it did show some beautiful images of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Visitors Information

  • Open: Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Monday)
  • Opening hours: 9am – 9pm
  • Opening hours reception for tickets: 8.30am – 6pm
  • Costs: RM80 (RM30 for Children), MyKad holders pay RM25, MyKid RM12
  • Tickets are limited and issued on first come, first serve basis. Advance purchase is available.
  • Official website:

Map PETRONAS Twin Towers