Special bins for organic waste

All households in the peninsula except in Penang, Selangor and Perak will be provided with a 120-litre garbage bin starting next month to separate their recyclable waste. The exercise, which is expected to take four years, will start in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor Baru, Seremban, Alor Setar, Kangar and Kuantan. Households in these places will receive the bins by September next year. Distribution of the bins to all the major cities would begin by the end of next month, followed by other areas, said Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation CEO Datuk Zaini Nor. “The initiative is aimed to better manage waste produced by households as well as raise awareness on the importance of recycling,” he said.

Those living in flats or condominiums will be provided with a larger 650-litre bin instead of a bin per unit. “The number of bins provided for these premises will depend on the number of units and the management of the premises.” Penang, Selangor and Perak, he said, would not receive the free bins as their local governments had opposed the move. Zaini said the 120-litre bin would be for daily organic waste, while recyclable items should be placed in another bag.

Malaysians would be fined if they did not separate their waste in accordance with the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Functions Act which was enforced on Sept 1, he added. “The penalty will only be imposed after all households have been provided with the bins. “We have conducted programmes to raise public awareness,” he said. Malaysians dispose up to 930 tonnes of unconsumed food daily, which is equivalent to throwing away 93,000 of 10kg bags of rice a day. Experts have said wastage was a growing trend here with 50% of the 31,000 tonnes of waste produced daily by Malaysians comprising organic kitchen waste such as leftover food.

Zaini said the bin would have a serial number and would be registered under the name of the owner of the premises. “The owner will be held responsible if the bin is damaged. “If it is damaged by the waste collectors, they will be responsible for replacing the bins,” he said. Zaini said three concessionaires SWM Environment, Alam Flora Sdn Bhd and Environment Idaman Sdn Bhd would distribute the bins as well as collect the waste. “Collection will be done three times a week twice for organic waste and once for recyclable waste,” he said, adding that a leaflet would be given to every household to inform the occupants on how to use and take care of the bin. The timetable for waste collection would also be provided.

He said Malaysians would not have to pay any additional fee for the improved service. “We need the cooperation of every household”. “Only then can this initiative be a success,” he said. He urged those who faced problems with waste collection in their areas, except those from the non-participating states, to contact 1800-88-7472.
Author: P. ARUNA – Source: thestar.com.my

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