Buy online tickets F1 or MotoGP circuit Sepang

I would like to attend an F1 or MotoGP race on the racing circuit of Sepang. How do I get entrance tickets and how much do they cost? Do I have to make hotel reservations in advance?

The circuit of Sepang is at a 4 kilometer distance of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at approximately 60 kilometers south of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The circuit was opened to the public on 17th of October 1999, and since then attracts many thousands of visitors every year. Alongside the well known formula 1 race, many other racing classes attend the circuit of Sepang annually, among which the MotoGP. The circuit can host up to approximately 130,000 visitors, but unfortunately this number of spectators is only seldom reached. Although this circuit is viewed worldwide as very attractive, the Malaysian people their selves are not too enthusiastic about it. Besides, the number of visitors attending races at Sepang is rising steadily over the last few years. This however doesn’t mean that a visit to a well known race is sure to provide spectacle, and partly because of the affordable prices for tickets its worth a visit to Malaysia especially for foreigners.

Formula 1 race at Sepang circuit in Malaysia

Entrance tickets can be obtained in several ways. Firstly they can be bought officially, via the site of the circuit itself. For this go to and follow the link ‘Tickets’. Here you’ll immediately see the option ‘Buy tickets online’, via this link you can order tickets online for the race. You can also request tickets via the email address of the circuit of Sepang ([email protected]). Payment online is possible with a credit card. Another way to get tickets is via local box offices in Kuala Lumpur. Many travel agencies and tour operators sell separate tickets, but also complete arrangements to go to the race. This often includes a three-day card including two or three accommodations in a hotel in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. Ticket prices during a formula 1 race at Sepang vary from about RM 1,700 for the best ‘Diamond’ tribune seats, to RM50 or RM150 for a covered standing room in the grass.

Formula 1 race at Sepang circuit in Malaysia 2

Sometimes people doubt whether it may be better to stay the night in the area of the circuit itself. This however is not necessary, during the racing weekend you can stay perfectly in the capital, if you book your hotel in time. It can be very busy in the hotels during the important racing weekends. Booking in advance is advised, although there’s always an available room somewhere. Some hotels however raise their prices per night during the racing weekend, keep this in mind.

You can travel by car, taxi or public transport to the circuit of Sepang. Around the racing weekend the first two possibilities are not an option, because you don’t want to take any risks, and it’s usually very busy on the road then. From the centre of Kuala Lumpur it’s best to take the taxi or subway to KL Sentral, the central station of the capital. From here you take the KLIA express to the national airport of Malaysia. The trip from the centre to the airport takes about 35 minutes. Every hour several busses depart from the entrance of the airport to the circuit, the costs are just a few ringgits. Make sure you are present at the circuit quite some time in advance, on the racing day itself it is best to leave early in the morning.

What to bring and what not to bring to the circuit?

Do: Earplugs, sun cream, sunglasses, binoculars, photo camera, umbrella or cap
Don’t: Own food, video camera

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    2 years ago
    July 28, 2022 at 12:53 pm

    My wife and i will be touring Malaysia for a month in October 2022,We are booked in a hotel in K/L,so far we have had some rip off prices,thanks for the good info,i follow the MotoGP on the TV and really looking forward to watching it live.For instance car too and from track 440 Rig (wow)Will look for seat in grand stand,maybe roaming not sure,best place to sit,so far some say turn 6-11 or 10-11 any better ideas.
    Regards Mr B.Tilston


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