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It’s safe to say, in Malaysia, there are not a lot of spots where you can enjoy the whole package all together; entertainment, cocktails & food. Ril’s Bar is definitely snugly fitted into that category; also being one of KL’s top hidden speakeasy bars with fun events happening every weekend which brings you back to the vintage 1940’s swing & blues area.


Ril’s Bangsar is not only known for it’s hidden, plush bar at the top flight of the stairs, but it’s been awarded twice by Time Out KL for having the best steak for fine dining; it’s succulent meat variety and selection is cooked to perfection and it is the perfect spot for avid steak fans. Price range? All I can say is you get what you pay for and maybe even more, every cent invested towards a meal in Ril’s will be fully rewarded by the satisfaction your brain cells will transmit. Full pleasure ahead!


Walking up those wooden stairs and through the dark, red show curtains, will whirl you back into an era that is very similar to a London-style vintage lounge with a vibe from the 1940’s bars for swing, blues & jazz. Readily and steadily armed with cigars, the best of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages made by award-winning bartender from London who definitely knows his stuff and entertainment awaits guests during busy weekends, Ril’s Bar with its dark & sensual atmosphere gives off the exact vibe you think you’d feel if you turn back to a classic swing bar during war-time in America or Europe. The bathroom, designed by Tunku Khairil Ibrahim’s (owner) wife, Lauren McAughtry is definitely a female’s spot-on retreat to go powder your nose and enjoy every bit of lavish decoration such as the colorful parrot wallpaper, inside.


It’s not hard to see why people flock back to Ril’s Bar for drinks and fun, James Barker who is in full charge and command of the bar knows exactly what to prepare for anyone’s selection of taste for a beverage or cocktail; on top of preparing classics like Old-Fashions, Mojitos, and so on; Barker has also pushed the cocktail world to a whole other level with his custom drinks specially made for Ril’s. In between those drinks, you’ll find yourself taking a sip from fun-titled drinks such as the ‘No Bra’ which has home-made vanilla bubble pearls, ‘The Voiron’ which consists of a herbal affair of creamy sweetness and sharp citric sourness, and so much more! If you can’t tolerate a high intake of alcohol, don’t worry as fresh juices and the ever famous ‘Rawa-Iced Tea’ is served as well, the ‘Rawa-Iced Tea’ is also served on Tunku Khairil’s notorious island, Alang’s Rawa which is also one of Malaysia’s top spots and so much more satisfying to the palate than your usual iced tea.


Ever heard of Alicia Pan? Based in Singapore as head of Yoga Movement and ambassador of several popular sports brands, she is also a talented soul singer; not to mention the fact that she’s appeared on the cover of FHM due to her natural beauty and toned yoga body! Coming back to the point, she’s had a night of delightful soul at Ril’s, including various other artists such as, Greg Lyons, Douche Manouche, The Lost Hat, Bechamel Mucho, Dasha Logan and FAZZ. Apart from this genre of classic music like blues, swing & jazz, events for a slightly more upbeat rhythm like Electro-Swing can be found at Ril’s Bar, one of the artists, DJ French Chris has debuted some fine tunes alongside a live musician such as Aslak on the clarinet and Pei Ann Yeoh on the violin. Another artist, Ushera dedicates a sensual night of cabaret with a resemblance to a Jessica Rabbit vibe, Ril’s Bar also debuts nights of fun indie, and reggae music by musicians such as Miserable Man with his unique voice and songs and Sergey Onischenko from Make Like A Tree singing indie, beard, folk rock.


What are you waiting for? Ril’s Bangsar awaits you with open arms, it’s time to take a retreat into this Victorian-like era and get drunk alongside the enjoyment of music! Ril’s Girl Twirl Wednesdays have special promos of 2 for 1 cocktails for ladies due to ladies night happening till midnight. To check out further information, details and photos:


Don’t forget to follow their Facebook pages: Ril’s Bar and Ril’s Bangsar, including constant updates on events, food and cocktails on the blog: When your belly is content, your drinking palate is satisfied and the music is good, you know you’ve got it good!

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