A Foodie’s Guide to Surviving Malaysia

1. All in moderation They don’t call Malaysia a food...
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Bayusenja Hawker Center

Penang Island is well known for its great food. I...
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Top 10 Food Courts in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is widely known as a food haven with its...
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Jalan Alor Food Street

Jalan Alor is a unique food destination in the heart...
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Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Jogoya is a popular Japanese buffet restaurant in Starhill Gallery,...
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Maruyama Japanese restaurant (former Ikkyu)

One of the best Japanese restaurants we have visited so...
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Wonderful Malaysia Food Reviews

At this food section you will find reviews of the places we have visited. Each review contains a small introduction, a part where we describe the positives and negatives and our (subjective) verdict. Besides restaurants and food courts, we will also write about great breakfast and lunch places, our favorite desserts (and where to get them), the best bakeries in Malaysia and even supermarket reviews so our readers know what to expect at each supermarket in Malaysia (mainly Kuala Lumpur).

Popular restaurants in Kuala Lumpur