Langkawi Eagle and Lagenda Park

Nearby Jetty Point – Langkawi Harbour – you can visit...
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Temurun Waterfall at Langkawi Island

Beside the splendid waterfall at the Seven Wells in the...
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Seven Wells at Langkawi Island

The Seven Wells (Telaga Tujuh) is a great attraction on...
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Wonderful Malaysia Attractions Section

We have visited numerous attractions in Malaysia over the past 12 years. We wrote about the most popular attractions, but Malaysia is such a versatile country, that we haven’t even covered 25% of all attractions within the country. At this section you will find our write-ups of all the attractions that we have visited so far. There are numerous writers that have shared their travel experiences with us by writing nice articles. If you have any tips of nice attractions that we should visit immediately, do let us know by contacting us. We are always interested in hearing about new places to visit and to explore in Malaysia.

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