Exploring the Exquisite Flavors of Malaysian Cuisine

When it comes to rich and diverse cuisine, Malaysia is...
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The food you simply have to try when visiting Malaysia

Malaysia can offer travellers so much, be it pristine beaches,...
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Heli Lounge Bar, Kuala Lumpur

A helipad refers to an area or platform for helicopters...
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5 Under-the-Radar Malaysian Dishes You Should Definitely Try

One of the best ways of experiencing a country is...
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Walk, eat and explore in Api-Api

The best breakfast suggestion place is at Fook Yuen is...
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Ril’s, Bangsar

It’s safe to say, in Malaysia, there are not a...
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Wonderful Malaysia Food Reviews

At this food section you will find reviews of the places we have visited. Each review contains a small introduction, a part where we describe the positives and negatives and our (subjective) verdict. Besides restaurants and food courts, we will also write about great breakfast and lunch places, our favorite desserts (and where to get them), the best bakeries in Malaysia and even supermarket reviews so our readers know what to expect at each supermarket in Malaysia (mainly Kuala Lumpur).

Popular restaurants in Kuala Lumpur