Pavilion KL

The mall is located in the central Bukit Bintang area and houses more than 450 stores spread over 7 levels. The oldest school in Kuala Lumpur, the Bukit Bintang Girls' School, used to be located here. Besides the many well-known stores from international brands you will also see popular local brands. Aside from the many shops you have restaurants, a huge food court, a Golden Screen Cinema and numerous other nice places (for example a karaoke bar and a fish spa). The 7th floor of the complex is fully dominated by shops for women. Here you'll find a number of spas, beauty salons and shops for manicure. Above the mall there are two tall residential towers; renting a place will easily cost you over RM6000 per month. Pavilion KL was an instant hit. Together with Suria KLCC this mall is the most popular mall in Kuala Lumpur among tourists. In 2009 the mall won the Malaysia tourism award for most innovative shopping centre; in total the mall won over 15 local and international awards.

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Popular shops at Pavilion KL

Parkson is the anchor tenant of Pavilion KL. The anchor usually takes the biggest portion of available retail space in a shopping mall; the anchor tenant usually puts its stamp on the entire complex. Sometimes the anchor also provides the contracts for the remaining stores. Parkson Pavilion occupies a total of four floors in the mall. Mercato is the name of the big supermarket located at the 1st floor (same level as the main food court Food Republic).

Other popular shops at Pavilion KL are Tangs, Harvey Norman and Times Bookstores. The upper level of the mall contains numerous (expensive) furniture stores, and also a couple of nice art stores together with some public art exhibitions. At the lower levels there are many international renowned fashion stores like Burberry, Esprit, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Prada, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Paul Frank, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc by Marc Jacobs and many more.

Popular shops at Pavilion KL  

To Do's at Pavilion KL

There is a very modern Golden Screen Cinemas located at the 5th and 6th floor of Pavilion KL. If you have a couple of hours to spare then a visit to the movie cinema probably is a nice idea. Especially the Gold Class screenings are amazing. The chairs are actually very luxurious recliners; where you can almost lie flat and still enjoy the movie. There is a special button on the chair that you can press to swing the chair back. When you arrive you get some warm blankets (as the air-conditioning makes the halls very cold). There is also a button to press to signal the butler to get your drink or snack order. A Gold Class ticket costs RM50 but is absolutely worth the money.

There are not that many other activities within Pavilion KL. The nearest bowling alley, indoor amusement park, amusement center and archery can be found at Berjaya Times Square (10/15 minute walk).


Many great places to eat or drink

Pavilion KL has numerous great places to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner. If you want to enjoy a western lunch just visit The Loaf (very nice sandwiches) or one of the western styled restaurants at the 'Connection'; the restaurant street at the left side of the mall (3rd floor, though located on the ground floor outside because of the fact that the mall is built on a slope).

There are many options during dinner time at Pavilion. If you want to try some of the local dishes you can head over to the very popular Foodrepublic at the 'Gourmet Emporium' at the 1st floor (which is actually the lower basement of the mall). Dishes are reasonably priced; often not more than RM15 for a nice meal. At the utmost right side of the Food Republic there is 'Teppanyaki' where you can enjoy a nice meal freshly prepared in front of you (especially nice if you want a meal with lots of vegetables as local Malaysian dishes often don’t come with many vegetables). Ichiban Boshi is a nice Japanese restaurant opposite of the Food Republic; the freshly made soba is especially nice over here. Also opposite the food court is Tony Romas located; one of the best places to enjoy a great steak. Of course you could also try the western styled restaurants at the 'Connection'.

Right next to the main entrance of the mall there are two nice places to grab a coffee; Espressamente Illy and The Loaf. Espressamente Illy serves the best coffee in KL; The Loaf has the best bread (and snacks).

Dinner places at Pavilion KL  

Formerly Bukit Bintang Girls Secondary School

In 2004 the construction of The Pavilion KL Shopping Mall started. The complex is built on the site where formerly the Bukit Bintang Girls Secondary School was located. The complex was opened to the public in September 2007. The shopping mall targets the higher middle class and upper class, not (just) at shoppers who normally shop at the opposite mall Starhill Gallery. You can compare Pavilion KL best with Suria KLCC (though Suria KLCC targets tourists even more then Pavilion KL).


Great atmosphere during festivals

In the centre of the mall you can find the 'Bintang Circle'. This is a central meeting point within the mall. Here everyone comes together to have fun and relax. In addition, this location is used for presentations and events (for example a complete Canon stand when a new camera is released, or a large display where Audi introduces their new car model designed to hit the Asian market).

Christmas at Pavilion KL

During festivals visitors can enjoy amazing decorations at Pavilion KL. For example around Christmas the main entrance is decorated with huge Christmas trees with snow coming down from the sky above (not real snow, but still pretty convincing from a distance). The snowfall usually starts daily at 8pm. You will witness many local couples grabbing their chance to get some nice romantic pictures taken in front of the mall.

During Chinese New Year the mall is also decorated to the max. The whole mall is usually filled with red lanterns. Outside there are cherry blossom trees that really give the entire mall a pleasant appearance.

Chinese New Year at Pavilion KL  

Most popular mall in Bukit Bintang

In the Bukit Bintang area there are already 9 other major shopping malls, and in every mall you'll often find the same stores. Fortunately there are enough other shops in every mall, but sometimes it is a bit strange. It is also regrettable that the 'older' malls are not completely renovated every now and then. Now they simply vacant the place, and build up brand new malls right next to the old ones. The Bukit Bintang malls are almost all situated against each other. You wonder where they found the space to build yet another complex. One advantage of the 10th mall is that a great number of jobs are created. In 2008 Pavilion KL has already created some 7,000 jobs.

Typical evening at Pavilion KL  

Walk from Suria KLCC to Pavilion KL

It is easy to walk from Suria KLCC to Pavilion KL. If you exit Suria KLCC at the park entrance you keep to the right and walk past the park towards Aquarium KLCC and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. When you are in front of the convention center KLCC park entrance you can enter via the stairs to go down 1 level. From there you walk to the main entrance of the Convention Center at the other side of the building. From here you go left and then right; after 150 meters you will see the entrance to the sky bridge to Pavilion KL which will take you directly to the main entrance. All in all it is a 5/10 minute walk between the two very popular malls.


How to get to Pavilion KL

The mega complex is located opposite Starhill Gallery and nearly opposite Fahrenheit88; at the beginning (or end) of Jalan Bukit Bintang. If you are staying at a hotel within the Bukit Bintang area it is easy to walk to Pavilion KL. If you plan to travel by monorail you need to get out at Bukit Bintang station; next to Lot10 and Sungei Wang/BB Plaza. From there it is a 5 minute walk to Pavilion. People who are familiar in KL city center could also exit at Monorail station Raja Chulan; and walk to the rear entrance (Connection) of Pavilion KL in about 3 minutes.

There is an official taxi counter in front of Pavilion KL (nearby La Bodega Spanish Tapas Restaurant & Bar). Here you can grab a taxi for a fixed-price. Do not get a taxi right in front of the mall along Jalan Bukit Bintang as those drivers will often charge high fixed-prices. If you are planning to use a taxi to get back to your hotel make sure you leave the mall in time. There are often massive traffic jams around closing time (10pm) because everybody is trying to leave the city center of Kuala Lumpur at the same time. Same goes for that time of the day when it rains; this always leads to traffic jams. Opening hours: Pavilion KL is opened daily between 10am and 10pm, the bars and restaurants around the Connection are opened daily until 2am.


Map Pavilion KL in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia